About Me..


I’m Sarah aka the Traveling Nanny (well no longer a nanny, but still traveling).  Originally from New Zealand my passion for travel and adventure started way back in 2006 after a stint working at a summer camp in Massachusetts, America.

Since then, I have explored over 50 countries, lived in London, Innsbruck, Munich and Abu Dhabi.  Watched countless sunrises and sunsets in the most amazing locations, embarked on an epic 48 hour bus journey from Turkey to France (after a volcano eruption stranded us in Turkey), watched my friends running from bulls in Pamplona, safaried through Africa, and broke my shoulder stage diving at Oktoberfest.

Travel blogging is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and with my parents finally giving up hope of me moving home to settle down, I have finally gathered the courage to share my musings and knowledge with the World Wide Web.

I hope by sharing my knowledge, travel tips, stories and musings with you all that you feel a little inspired to share your adventures with me.

Happy traveling!






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